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2021 "Running of the Mill" tours to begin soon

The exterior repairs and painting of Abbotts Mill and the other historic buildings has been completed and the buildings look great. Our monthly 3rd Saturday mill tours will begin on Saturday, March 20th and will continue each month through November.

Guided tours will begin at 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. and will last about 45 minutes. During the tours you will marvel as the water turbine powers the millstones and you will see and hear (and smell) our one hundred year old Fairbanks-Morse 20 h.p. diesel engine as it powers the roller mills.

Mill tours are free for Delaware Nature Society members and are $5 for all others. No charge for children under 10. For now masks are still required and we must limit tour sizes to six (6) people. You can register for a tour by calling Matt at 302-422-0847 ext. 102

Make time to walk one of our many nature trails, either before or after you visit the mill. The stream-side boardwalk, above, takes you on a short loop from the mill, down the tailrace to where it rejoins Johnson's Branch and then back around past the Nature Center to the restrooms and the parking lot. Abbott's Mill Nature Center's 376 acres has all sorts of beautiful trails, which range in length up to a couple of miles. If you would like to take a longer walk there are trail maps at the bulletin board next to the parking lot, or you can visit:

If you know somebody that you think would enjoy a tour of Abbotts Mill, please share our blog address:

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