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Paul's post last week was our 52nd weekly posting. One Full Year! Wow, did that go quickly, or what?

Paul has written about, alphabetically; Black snakes, Blue berries, green Club Moss, yellow Dandelions, Logging, Milkweeds, Mushrooms, Nuts, Poison ivy, native Orchids, river Otters, Plant families, wild Roses, tiny Snakes, Spiders (twice), Sweet smelling flowers, and Violets (twice). He has also shown us how to build a Blue Bird house, a wooden Reindeer and some very cute acorn and nut Mice.

I have told you all about the history of Ainsworth Abbott's mill, I've given you a complete tour of the cornmeal and flour operations at Abbott's Mill, I've explained how an automatic mill works and who invented the (spoiler alert) Oliver Evans system, and I've taken you on a tour of the old mills that were once all over Sussex County. I've also shown you how to build a squirrel-proof bird feeding station.

Next year I'll continue our old mill tour through Kent County as you and I discover the secrets that the long-gone mills have hidden from us for many, many years.

Paul will continue to amaze us with his photography and his stories about the flora and fauna in the greater Abbott's Mill area.

We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Paul and Steve

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