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Grist From Abbotts Mill takes a break to announce:


The 7th annual Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta – presented by DNREC’s Division of Watershed Stewardship, the Nanticoke Watershed Alliance, the Delaware Nature Society and Town of Blades, as part of the Reclaim Our River (ROR) Program – Nanticoke Series,– will cast off Saturday, Aug. 6 at the Nanticoke River Public Marine Park, 26 North Market Street, Blades, DE 19973. Sign-in and registration begin at 11 a.m., with judging of boats’ appearances at noon, and races starting at 12:30 p.m.

The Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta is open to anyone who can build a cardboard boat that will float for 5 or 10 minutes! Boats may be any size, shape, or design, but must be made of recycled cardboard. Boats should be painted, inside and out, with multiple coats of any latex house paint. Interior or exterior latex will work fine. Boat decorations may be removed after judging, and prior to the race start.

Standard registration fees are $20/entry by July 30; $30/entry July 31 -Aug. 6. Registration fees for organizations and businesses are $50/entry by July 30, and $60/entry July 31-Aug. 6. Participants can also register the day of the event.

Participants should plan to paddle their boats from the starting point on the Nanticoke River, approximately 100 yards for adults, and 50 yards for children, to the regatta finish line. First-place awards will be given for winners of races in five categories: individual, youth, teens, family, and organizations or businesses. Special awards will be given for “Pride of the Fleet,” “Most Whimsical Boat,” and “Team Spirit.” Also, spectators will be asked to pick a “People’s Choice” award winner, while a special “Titanic Award” will be given for the “Most Dramatic Sinking!”

Participants also are encouraged to challenge others to race in the Recycled Cardboard Boat Regatta for one-on-one bragging rights. After all boat races are completed, skippers of cardboard boats may challenge another skipper to a race. Challenges should be issued only between cardboard boats entered in the same regatta category. For a challenge race, both challengers pay a $15 fee.

During the event, attendees can learn about the Reclaim Our River (ROR) partnership and through it, how to help protect Delaware’s waterways. The ROR-Nanticoke Series is devoted to bringing events, workshops, and recreational activities to the Nanticoke Watershed. The series offers participants fun opportunities to connect with Delaware’s waterways and provides important information on water quality that can help in protecting aquatic resources.

The ROR partnership also welcomes event sponsors, with proceeds going toward event costs, river restoration, and water quality education. Sponsorships begin at $50.

To register for the event, and for rules and other information, please visit: https://nanticok.

To see a video of past regattas, visit:

or . Contact: Philip Miller, DNREC Division of Watershed Stewardship Nonpoint Source Program, 302-739-9922

For construction questions, email Steve Childers at:

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