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Who was William M. Hendricks ??

Ainsworth Abbotts Mill ca. 1941

As I said last week:

On May 6th, 1919 Wm. Hendricks sold the mill to Ainsworth Abbott and Joseph J. Smith for $7,000. 

Mr. Hendricks didn't leave much of a paper-trail after 31 years of ownership, but I'm still digging. We'll see what I turn up next week...

Well, I turned up zilch, so if anyone knows anything about Mr. William W. Hendricks, (born June 9, 1868 - died Dec. 13, 1949) please contact me because I'd really like to know more about the twenty-one years that he owned the mill (1898-1919). I'd especially like to know exactly when the roller mills where added, because that was a huge expense for whoever did it and it completely changed the operation of the business.

Thank you,

Steve Childers

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