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"Grist from Abbott's Mill"

Not the same old grind!

Welcome to a unique blog about the history of Ainsworth Abbott's Old Mill, and other old mills in Delmarva. It's also full of great stories about the nearby flora and fauna.

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Two Tall Cedars

Delaware is blessed with two species of naturally occurring trees that are commonly referred to as cedar. The name cedar is often...


Just what makes a pine tree a pine tree? Pines are evergreen, members of the coniferous family that have needle-like leaves and bear...


Confusion, confusion. I am wanting to write about three small, evergreen plants that you may come upon on the Nature Preserve. If you...

Lycopodiums (or Clubmoss)

Finally! Here was the small ad in the classified section of the Milford Chronicle that I had been waiting for: “Wanted, Turkeybeard. 5...

"...Not Even a Mouse."

Each year as the weather begins to cool and frosty temperatures arrive; the mice begin to stir looking for a warmer abode. Soon enough...

Reindeer Season is Open

With a little time, tools, and effort, you can turn a piece of fallen wood into the absolute icon of the North and the Season. The...

Going Nuts !

The last fleshy fruits of summer are waning and our paths are covered with acorns, walnuts, and hickory nuts. Gone are the strawberries,...

A Tangled Web

Many times our attention is first called to the presence of a spider by their web. Indeed, members of the related groups of spiders, will...

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