"Grist from Abbott's Mill"

Not the same old grind!

Welcome to a unique blog about the history of Ainsworth Abbott's Old Mill, and other old mills in Delmarva. It's also full of great stories about the nearby flora and fauna.

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Those Fascinating Ferns

Ferns are some of the oldest vascular plants in the world, yet they are still very much with us and provide a foundation for our lovely...

Three Mimic Thrushes

So, what are Mimic Thrushes? These are medium sized, slender, thrush-like appearing birds, that mimic the songs of other birds in their...

Four Vibrant Viburnums

Recently my daughter was kayaking the stream feeding into Coursey’s Pond and saw shrubs arching over the stream-sides with pom-poms of...

Honeysuckles Revealed

The atmosphere in June is heavy with the scent of aliens, Privet, Multiflora Rose, and Honeysuckle. These intentionally introduced plants...


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