"Grist from Abbott's Mill"

Not the same old grind!

Welcome to a unique blog about the history of Ainsworth Abbott's Old Mill, and other old mills in Delmarva. It's also full of great stories about the nearby flora and fauna.

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Fire has been a big problem for millers as long as wooden mills have been built. Mills were constructed in America almost as soon as the...

Vulture Lore

I read Steve’s piece about Vultures and his dog with interest and thought, perhaps, this might be a good time to share some other details...

"The Egg and I"

That is the title from the wonderful autobiography by Betty MacDonald, “The Egg and I”. The egg is a symbol of rebirth and renewal...

Brier, Brier, Greenbrier

I guess I hadn’t really given greenbriers too much thought until I recently took a hike with some naturalist friends from New Castle...

Two Tall Cedars

Delaware is blessed with two species of naturally occurring trees that are commonly referred to as cedar. The name cedar is often...


Just what makes a pine tree a pine tree? Pines are evergreen, members of the coniferous family that have needle-like leaves and bear...


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