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Welcome to a unique blog about the history of Ainsworth Abbott's Old Mill, and other old mills in Delmarva. It's also full of great stories about the nearby flora and fauna.

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Got the Blues?

Tasty little morsels that pop in your mouth that are loaded with flavor and nutrients, blueberries are hard to beat. We have several...

An Orchid for M'Lady

Four weeks ago the subject was the Pink Moccasin Flower (Cypripedium acaule). This is the largest orchid growing in our area. There are...

Ode to a Wild Rose

My grandparents and great grandparents moved to Delaware in 1914 at the beginning of the mass migration of Swiss/German families to...

Ode to Abbotts Mill

In celebration of the Delaware Nature Society's 40 year commitment in Sussex County at Abbott"s Mill Nature Center Nathan Willey hewed...

Dandelions Defined

Perhaps you, like me, have sort of overlooked the Dandelion, Taraxacum officinale. It was always there even where we didn’t want them to...

"All in the Family"

It is human nature to want to organize facts, to place things into groups or categories. In an effort to better understand plants and...